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Producer - Producing a Project

The role of producer is possibly the most important role in movie production. Producers are the ones that are there from the very beginning of a project to the very end of the film making process. They are both supreme leader and slave...running the entire production but also doing whatever it takes to make it happen.


It takes extensive knowledge of multiple fields to be a great producer. These fields include finance, accounting, taxation, tax credits, investment rules & regulations, script writing, movie directing, set management, editing and marketing...just to name a few. The right person in this role can make the difference between a block-buster and an also-ran.

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The principles of Isles of the Sea Productions have over 30 years of experience in these fields.


We understand how all of the pieces, including finance, tax credits, marketing, promotion, etc. must come together with the artistic components of acting, set design, direction and editing in order to achieve greatness. If any of these components fail, the entire project will fail. It is up to the producer to make sure every aspect is perfect.


We can help you make your project a success.

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